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Titre : Makoto

Auteur : Helcanen

ISBN : 978-2-87595-121-2
Prix : 8 €

Parution le 14 février 2018

Helcanen, artiste belge, passionnée par le Japon.

Elle nous offre un aperçu d’une époque révolue, passant par des techniques traditionnelles tout en gardant cette touche personnelle.

Helcanen, Belgian artist, passionated by Japan.

She offers us a preview of a bygone era, using traditional technics & tools
while keeping a personal touch.


Makoto 誠 is a Japanese word to construe the Sincerity or Thruth and this is exactly what I want to express through my art. No hypocrisy, free of my own thoughts & feelings,without worrying about whether it works or not. 

誠 is also the kanji used as the Shinsengumi’s motto, the special Shogun’s police during the end of the Edo era. That Samuraï's time was full of bravery, pride, sincerity but also a bloody period. 

After nummerous travels in Japan, I immerse myself, step by step by its atmosphere and history.

The need to express what I had in my mind became stronger, and then, I naturally have choosen to use traditional Japanese tools to create it. 

The Kanji required a lot of practice to reach this result, they were all proven by a Japanese artist to make sure that this project was built seriously. The illustrations are in the “Sumi-e” style. Each drawing is linked to a particular kanji, explaining its essence in one word, and, most of them were inspired by Shinsengumi’s writings. 

This release will be also marked by a historical anniversary, the start of the Boshin war in Japan (January 1868). This event will deeply mark the country by the separation between the Edo and Meiji eras, also announcing the end of the samurai.



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