Incisives - English translation


Five stories with intricate and unforgiving mechanics that stigmatize human mediocrity. The revelation of a black yellow red pen. (Michel Dufranne)

Author : Caroline Wlomainck
English translation : Richard Belgium
Editions Lamiroy
Release : 5 february 2024
ISBN : 978-2-87595-895-2      
227 pages
Price : 18 € Printed book / 9 € digital book

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Envious neighbors who take advantage of the vulnerability of an old lady.
A despicable and contemptuous business owner who profits from the gullibility of consumers. A self-centred husband who trades his family for his passion. Carefree kids who don’t grasp the consequences of their actions. A depressed mother who slides into melancholy until she descends into madness.

In life, we encounter both sheep and wolves.

It’s hard to believe that we are in the presence of a new writer as she unfolds with grace all her rage through her dark narratives. Her writing is straightforward, confrontational, realistic, direct, unsettling, and... incisive.

Caroline Wlomainck lives in Tournai, Belgium. She has published two albums of black humor, Madame Irma.

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